Family Travel Expert, Finance Professional and Freelance Writer – Jodi Grundig.
Jodi Grundig

Jodi Grundig is a Boston-based family traveler who has loved traveling since she was a child.  From her annual childhood family trips to Florida aboard Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor route (her dad worked for Amtrak) to her two parent-free international trips in high school (with Girl Scouts and her school), Jodi couldn’t get enough of seeing the world.  But her love of travel didn’t stop there.  She chose to study abroad in England in her junior year of college, taking day trips and weekend trips throughout the UK and Europe.

As a mom, Jodi began instilling the love of travel in her children since they were babies.  Now that they are 10 and 12, they travel frequently.

It’s all of this experience that has made Jodi a family travel expert, and many destinations and hotels have reached out to her to review and evaluate their destinations and accommodations.  Jodi has written about countless popular family destinations including Orlando, Arizona, Grand Cayman, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, San Diego, and many other destinations.  She understands what it’s like to lug suitcases, a double stroller, and car seats through an airport, and has dealt with vomiting kids on airplanes, flight delays, and much more.